New to Hair Colour?

Top Tips For First Time Hair Colour Clients From My Hair Guru Hair Salon in Paisley

Are you fed up with having mousey hair?  Feeling like your natural red hair could do with a boost?  Thinking about covering up a few unwanted grey hairs? 

We know it can be daunting when you first consider colouring your hair, so that’s why we’re here at our Paisley hair salon to answer all your questions about colouring hair for the first time… 

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A Skin Test Is Essential Before Your First Hair Colour Appointment

It’s very important that you come in for a quick skin patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.  This is so we can test for any allergies to the Matrix hair colour products that we use.  There’s no need to book an appointment because the test takes only seconds, but we can’t colour your hair without a record of a skin test being done.  All we will do is dab a small amount of colour product behind your ear which you should wipe away after 30 minutes (or sooner if it feels itchy or sore).  If you have had no reaction within 48 hours, then we can go ahead with your hair colour.   

If you suffer from sensitive skin we recommend the Matrix COLORINSIDER™ range, which is ammonia-free and is designed to cause minimum stress to the hair’s cuticle.  Speak to your My Hair Guru colour technician for more advice.

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First Time Hair Colour – Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me? 

There are many reasons why people might decide to colour their hair.  Some people just love change and trying an exciting new hair colour is a great way to update your look.  Others want to boost their natural shade, or perhaps they might simply want to hide the onset of grey hair.  The reason you are thinking of colouring your hair will help you choose the right shade. 

As a first step, we recommend you book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation at our Paisley hair salon and we will be happy to help you find the perfect shade, bearing in mind your natural colouring and preferences.

Fashion Hair Colours – Brights & Pastels

These days, women of all ages – and increasingly men too – are make a big fashion statement when it comes to their hair colour.  If you are new to hair colour and are happy to turn heads, you could consider trying a vibrant new shade.  An array of beautiful colours including bright blues, mint greens, pretty pinks and fashionable corals, can be used alone or together to create a bespoke colour combination just for you! 

Natural-Looking Hair Colouring – Try Balayage 

If you would rather go for a more natural-looking hair colour, we suggest you consider balayage.  Balayage is a popular technique that involves colour being hand-painted painted onto certain sections of the hair.  It can give your hair instant brightness with a lighter colour being used toward the ends, leading up to slightly darker roots.  Alternatively, face-framing balayage highlights are very much on-trend as well as being universally flattering.

Boost Your Natural Hair Colour & Hide Grey Hair

If you love your natural hair colour but just wish it looked a bit richer and healthier, consider trying highlights or lowlights.   These are also a really good way to blend in grey hairs.  The Master Colour Experts at My Hair Guru hairdressing salon in Paisley have the expertise to help find exactly the colour combination to suit you best.

Should I Choose Temporary or Permanent Hair Colour? 

Temporary Hair Colour – A temporary hair dye will wash out after a few shampoos, so this might be a good option if you are new to hair colour and aren’t sure if it’s for you. Remember, though, that you can only go darker than your natural colour with temporary hair colour.  If you want to lighten your hair, you will have to use a semi-permanent or permanent dye.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour – You can achieve longer-lasting colour with a semi-permanent shade.  This is a great solution if you want to subtly boost your natural hair colour or cover your first grey hairs.

Permanent Hair Colour – Permanent hair dye works by lifting the cuticles along the hair shaft and depositing the colour deep within each strand.  Your colour will not wash out and will be permanent.  As your hair grows, your roots will need re-touching, usually every eight weeks or so, depending how fast your hair grows.

How To Care For Coloured Hair 

Once you’ve had your hair coloured for the first time, you’ll want to keep it looking as glossy and vibrant as when you leave the salon.  Hair colour care starts in the salon as part of the dyeing process itself, where we can add a specialist treatment to protect the bonds of the hair from damage. The result is stronger, healthier-feeling hair that holds its colour for longer.

At My Hair Guru we recommend Olaplex treatment for coloured hair.  Used during the colouring process, it will strengthen your hair and prolong your new hair colour leaving it glossy and smooth.

Speak to your My Hair Guru stylist about our range of Matrix professional hair care products – we’ll be happy to recommend the ideal home care product for your hair type.

Book Your First Hair Colour Appointment at My Hair Guru Hairdressing Salon in Paisley

Call My Hair Guru on 0141 589 3803 to start your hair colour journey today.  Alternatively book online here.  We look forward to making your life more colourful!

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