Going Blonde

All You Need To Know About Going Blonde – Top Tips from My Hair Guru Hair Salon in Paisley

Thinking of going blonde this summer? Achieving the perfect shade of blonde takes skill, knowledge and confidence so it is always best left in the safe hands of professional hair colour technicians.

At My Hair Guru hair salon in Paisley we have in depth knowledge and experience of the science of hair colouring.  We understand the way your hair will react to the colour products and the colour placement needed to produce the best results. We’ll also always ensure that the health and condition of your hair is maintained whilst colouring it too.

There are thousands of shades of blonde and it’s important to us that we create the exact colour you have in mind, so please book in for a free hair colour consultation prior to your appointment.

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In the meantime, take a look at this article which will answer many of your questions about what it takes to go blonde.    

Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

We can create any blonde shade you desire, but the hair experts at our salon in Paisley can also advise you on the perfect blonde for you, bearing in mind your colouring and skin tone. Here is a quick guide:

Light Skin Tones – Golden, strawberry or light blonde colours will suit you. 
Medium Skin Tones – Opt for honey or golden blonde, beige blonde, and light blondes with warm tones.
Dark Skin Tones – Warmer, darker blondes work best such as caramels and golden blondes. 

If you’ve seen a blonde colour you’d love to try, bring in the image to show to your stylist and we will aim to turn your idea into reality.

What Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

There are so many shades to choose from!  Some of the most requested blonde colours here at My Hair Guru salon in Paisley include platinum ice-white blondes and golden blondes.  Alternatively, why not try an on-trend retro strawberry blonde or rose gold look?  We can create whatever blonde shade you desire using top quality hair colouring products from Matrix.  These include Light Master, a high speed lightener which creates a higher lift while maintaining the condition of your hair.

What Blonde Hair Techniques Do You Offer?

Highlights, balayage and colour toners are very popular blonde hair techniques at the moment, while other clients still prefer all over permanent or semi-permanent hair colour.

As well as these, we offer a wide range of other blonde hair techniques.  Talk to your stylist about the look you would like to create and we can then recommend the best technique to achieve it.  These are some examples of the hair colour techniques you could try…

Foiling/ Babylights/ Microlights/ Scatterings
Flashlights or Colour Panels
All-Over Hair Colour
Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine
Ombré, Balayage & Root Stretching
Colour Melting

How Much Will It Cost To Go Blonde? 

This will depend on the length and current condition of your hair as well as the technique used and level of blondness you want to achieve.  Book a complimentary colour consultation and we will give you a no-obligation quote.

Can Brunettes Go Blonde?

Yes, brunettes can certainly transition to blonde, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the process will take time to achieve and maintain. Book a hair colour consultation and we will explain what’s involved, including the time, colour that will be achieved and price. 

Will Going Blonde Ruin The Condition Of My Hair?Olaplex hair treatments at My Hair Guru Hair Salon Paisley 

The latest hair care developments allow us to protect and even strengthen your hair during the hair colouring process. At My Hair Guru Salon in Paisley we recommend Olaplex, a revolutionary hair repair treatment, specifically designed to strengthen your hair and give it a more vibrant colour.  

Olaplex will correct the damage caused by years of colouring, heat and sun by actively repairing the broken bonds within the hair, leaving stronger and healthier looking.  It can be added to the hair colouring process or used as a stand-alone treatment.  The Olaplex hair treatment process also includes a Home Perfector which can be taken home to prolong the results.   Ask your My Hair Guru stylist for more information or find out more about Olaplex here.

What Are The Benefits of Having Blonde Hair?

 We appreciate all hair colours here at our salon in Paisley, but as we’re talking about blondes, here are just a few reasons you might want to join the blonde brigade!   Each shade of blonde has a different character.  For example, it can appear innocent and feminine or portray a sun-kissed beachy style.  Blondes are a great way to show different elements of your personality with your hair.

Going blonde lets you play around with other fun fashion colours too.  Temporary tints and hair chalks show up really well on blonde hair, so you could almost try out a different shade for every outfit!  Blonde shades have always turned heads too.  In choosing to go blonde, you will be joining the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz and Brigitte Bardot!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Having Blonde Hair?

My Hair Guru Paisley Hair Colour Rebooking TimesIf you opt for a new all-over hair colour, you will need to visit the salon to have your root regrowth touched up every six weeks or so.  Regrowth with highlights is less obvious, so you can have a T-section cover-up about eight weeks or so.  Balayage is an even lower maintenance look and you may not need to pop into the salon for even longer.  If you want to give your colour a boost sooner, we can apply toners and glossing treatments to your hair, although we’d call this a benefit rather than a disadvantage – everyone enjoys a spot of pampering at My Hair Guru salon in Paisley!

How Do I Stop My Blonde Hair Looking Washed Out?

In-salon treatments are a great way of helping you maintain a vibrant blonde colour.  In addition to Olaplex, we have a range of top quality hair treatments from Matrix to maintain your hair’s condition and look. These include Matrix Cera-Repair Treatment, which is fortified with smoothing agents, vitamins and botanical ingredients designed to strengthen your hair and leave it shiny and silky soft.   Find out more about our in-salon hair treatments here.

Why Should I Use A Purple Shampoo?

You can also prolong the life of your blonde hair colour by using the right hair care products at home. Professional colour-enhancing or colour-safe shampoos and conditioners are vital if you want to stop your blonde shade from looking washed out or brassy.

You can show off your light blonde hair, as well as enhancing grey or white hair by using a clarifying purple shampoo which will neutralise unwanted yellow or orange brassy tones.  When hair is lightened or turns grey, its natural warm tones become more visible which means it can look more yellow.  A professional deep purple shampoo can also strengthen and nourish your hair, leaving it looking lovely and shiny.  It’s also a great for maintaining fashionable blue and purple pastel hair colours too!

Which Products Do You Recommend for Blonde Hair?

At My Hair Guru salon in Paisley we recommend Matrix’s Hello Blondie products. The shampoo and conditioner contain gentle chamomile to strengthen and maintain the brightness of blonde hair.

How Do I Remove Brassy Tones From My Blonde Hair?Matrix-Colour-Protection at My Hair Guru Paisley

A toner is a great way to neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones from blonde hair. As with a purple or violet-toned shampoo, a toner can neutralise the brassy shades, while also adding shine to your hair.

At My Hair Guru salon in Paisley we also recommend Matrix’s Brass Off range. These products have been especially designed to neutralise unwanted warm yellow tones while refreshing the cooler ones instead.  Find out more about the Brass Off range here.

Do You Offer a Colour Correction Service?

If you’ve had a hair colour disaster with an at-home hair dye kit, don’t worry, help is at hand!  We restore the colour and condition of your hair to something you’ll love again.  Book in as soon as possible for a consultation so we can assess your hair and work on a plan to get it looking healthy and a beautiful colour once again.  Find out more about our hair colour correction service at our salon in Paisley here.

How Do I Book In For My New Blonde Hair Colour?

Call our salon on 0141 589 3803 or use our easy online booking system. Please remember that we offer free hair colour consultations and it is also important that you come in for a simple allergy patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. 

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