Wig Fitting Service at My Hair Guru Salon in Paisley

At My Hair Guru Salon in Paisley we are proud to offer a bespoke, in-house wig fitting service that aims to help people with cancer and alopecia to deal with the traumatic experience of losing their hair.

We hope to empower women by helping them look more like themselves during this difficult time, and offer a wide selection of both Acrylic and Natural Hair Wigs. No matter which wig you choose, we always recommend that you have it cut and styled so that it is perfectly tailored just for you.

Wig cutting is a specialised skill, and we have many years of experience with cutting and styling wigs and hairpieces – so you can be confident that you will be delighted with the result!

We are very proud to have been featured on STV News ‘Live at Five’ recently in a segment named ‘Hair Loss Hairdressers’. Watch the clip here.

wig fitting salon in paisley

Our Personalised Service

From the moment you enter our hair salon in Paisley, we aim to make your wig fitting experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to support you and to offer a second opinion. Donna explains;

When you buy a wig directly from a shop, there’s no styling for them and it’s impersonal and not a nice experience at an already had a traumatic time.

We have a private room for wigs and we sometimes close the salon and stay late to give people complete makeovers so they don’t feel self-conscious. We also have eyebrow wigs too if people have lost all of their hair.”

What Type of Wigs Do We Use?

The Dimples Wig Collection – Dimples Wigs have enjoyed a popular reputation in the wig industry for over 40 years. The Dimples Wig Collection was originally renowned for providing beautifully classic styles. With timeless sophistication still in mind, the Dimples team have now combined classic looks with contemporary detail, introducing advanced wig constructions and fibre technologies into their style portfolio.


With experience and attention to detail, you can be reassured that Dimples Wigs are comfortable, soft to touch and have a completely realistic movement. Many of the styles featured in the Dimples Wig collection are constructed using a lace design. The versatility of the lace gives you the freedom to style your hair as if it were your own and the superfine front section provides the all-important undetectable hairline.

A favourite for ladies suffering from hair loss, lace front wigs are fitted with a non-slip poly strip which fits seamlessly in the front of the wig for reliable staying-power and added comfort. Dimples Wigs boast innovation and originality with clever design combinations that ensure that your stylish look will be as natural as possible. If you are looking for classic styles, or trend setting shapes; you are sure to find the perfect Dimples Wig for you at our hair salon in Paisley.

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If you would like more information on this service, or know anyone affected, please give our friendly team a call on 0141 589 3803.